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     Christmas is normally a time for cookies, presents, and gratitude -- but nothing is normal for dangerously curious 15-year-old NOLAN (Sloane Morgan Siegel). Since some poor decisions on Thanksgiving Day, 1999, Nolan has been on an inter-dimensional run for his life, as a monstrous evil pursues him through one reality after another.

     After a failed attempt to ambush the creature, Nolan narrowly escapes destruction by racing through the interdimensional portals that have been his only respite. Until now.

     Nolan crashes into a reality far stranger than any he has ever seen, encountering an even more fearsome adversary: an older sister. (MAE played by Elise Eberle). Worse, his interdimensional portals no longer work. He is trapped in this unfamiliar world with a furious and nosy older sister, a craft-obsessed mother, and a Y2K- survivalist uncle...

     In desperation, he tells Mae the truth. Together, they must concoct a plan to fight, trap, and defeat the monster, and do it all without letting Mom or Uncle Boon catch them before the world ends. Of course, fighting evil is never easy -- especially at the holidays.


     Portal Runner follows NOLAN (15), a boy on the run from a monstrous evil that is chasing him through parallel worlds. However, when he winds up stuck in a world with a furious older sister he’s never met before, he realizes she may be the key to defeating his adversary.

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