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Lady Filmmaker's Film Festival Official Selection: West of Redemption

Updated: Jan 6, 2023


West of Redemption is an Official Selection in competition at the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival 2016.

This will be the film's Los Angeles debut.

The Lady Filmmakers Film Festival is returning for it's eighth year of screenings. The festival strives to promote women in leadership roles in Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general, by highlighting the successes of women in film. Each film selected must include a woman who fills the role of writer, director, producer, cinematographer, production designer, or editor to qualify to screen.

West of Redemption is thrilled to join the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival based on featuring a female writer (Meagan Daine), director (Cornelia Duryée), and editor (Denise Burdette). West of Redemption joins over forty other projects screened throughout the late September weekend. You can watch West of Redemption on Sunday, September 25th at 4:15 pm in Beverly Hills, California.


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