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Washington Filmworks Approves Funding Assistance for Latest Kairos Productions Film

Updated: Nov 23, 2022


Kairos Productions is overjoyed to announce that Washington Filmworks has generously approved funding assistance for our newest movie, Language Arts. This is the third time that Kairos has received funding from our state’s Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP) and we are utterly grateful to all that have worked so hard to keep more productions filming in our beloved state.

Language Arts is a moving tale of love, loss, and liminality, from producer Larry Estes (Smoke Signals, sex, lies, and videotape, Gas Food Lodging, and The Heart of the Game) and Cornelia Duryée (director of West of Redemption, Camilla Dickinson, and The Dark Horse). The screenplay is Cornelia’s adaptation of Stephanie Kallos’ beautiful novel.

Language Arts is currently casting, and we are hoping to film this summer.


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